walking and dreaming

We’ve been in that lovely limbo land where the new year hasn’t really begun because we’re on holiday still.  But we’re anticipating it and making room for it and doing things around the house that make us feel ahead of the game (we never are). And lots of dreamy dreaming. Of how we’ll walk into 2015 and make it ours. How we’ll, with ease, do all the things we didn’t manage to do last year. And be well! The very picture of wellness! Because we’ll achieve the perfect family/work/life balance. And have a monumental clearout. Become super organised. Calmly and serenely. And laugh a lot. Yes, ALL of that.

I love it. The possibility of a new year that makes you bold and brave and energetic even while you’re being worn out by two full of life kids. The renewed belief in the power of your little family and what it can do together. Awesome.

All this happens quite quietly, mind you. In my head as I potter around. Little thoughts shared between us while breakfast is made. Chats about my word of the year (and his! first time!). A quiet sort of gathering of ourselves.

We started a tradition, by accident, a couple of years before parenthood. In the midst of challenging times, two friends (one of them now ‘husband’!) and I went for a walk in the woods on new years eve with my dog. To blow the cobwebs off. We chatted as we walked – I probably bored them with my take on intentions rather than resolutions – and we decided to come up with a handful of fun things we would do during the next year to lift our spirits. At least, that’s my take on it, they might claim that I ‘coached’ them into submission, poor loves. Either way, we had a list, we felt pretty good about it and vowed to make a new years walk our ritual. And we did. It’s happened every year since.

We don’t fuss too much about the details. New years eve, new years day, a couple of days later, one year it was when the snow allowed. The important part is the walking and the woods, any woods, and the saying out loud of the fun things we’re going to do. They’re written down when we get back to the car. We like it.

This year I LOVED it.

My eldest son joined in last year. We explained what we were doing and why and he chose a couple of things he wanted to do. Very sweet. This year, bless our boy, he remembered way in advance that it was coming. On the morning we were going he whispered excitedly to me, “mummy, I already know what I’m going to choose but I’m not going to tell you until we get to the woods!”, eyes shining, grinning. We got there, got out of the car, shoes off, wellies on, walked away from the car and onto the path and the very second we turned towards the trees he grabbed my hand, caught my eyes and blurted it all out. Fab outdoorsy wonderfully simple fun he wanted to have. Oh my stars, that boy. I will make certain that we make space for every single one. He took one of my favourite traditions of ours and made it magical. Pure magic 🙂

There’s a beautiful full moon tonight. I gather it’s a powerful one. We have opened the back door to let 2014 out and welcomed 2015 in through the front door. We have our words, we have our intentions, we are renewed, we’re ready.









If you’ve found your way here to this new space of mine, I wish you a light-filled year.


3 thoughts on “walking and dreaming

  1. What a beautiful post. I love your tradition that now includes your children. This is such a wonderful time of year for dreaming, when everything seems possible. Wishing you and your family a very happy new year and may all you dreams come true!


    1. So sweet of you to say Susan! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I wish the very same to you. There’s a lovely collective energy of dreaminess around this new year, I feel, and long may it fly x


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