lisa and the New Year

We got derailed last weekend.  Our January-inspired jobs were nipped in the bud when our boys came down with high temperatures and sore throats, the poor loves.

In between the cold flannels for heads, beds made on the sofa, drinks, cuddles and stacks of stories, I caught myself being a drama queen. I had a moment of panicking whether we’d get IT ALL done this year.

Bad case of new-year-itis!  An old habit of mine – thinking that time is scarce – so I quietly took a firm hold of myself, hissed something like ‘it is a WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR!’ and marched myself over to my guiding word, stuck up on the wall.  It has a good effect on me.  Calm rolls in.  Oh yes of course, I laughed at myself, there’s space to do the things that create space.  Yes.  Yes!

Later as I sat reading our new book ‘Sylvester and the New Year’ (which my boys and I LOVE) for the tenth time that day, I had some thoughts.  The to-do list is getting out of hand.  Something to do with two years of heavy sleep deprivation beginning to lift, I think, bringing the energy and clarity that makes me want to do stuff.  Having that space now to notice the things that are bugging me.  Though not nearly enough hours or energy to tackle them all.

What would feel best? I asked.  Finishing things, came the reply.

So, this Winter (the remainder of it), is now my season of finishing things.

In the past few years I’ve started a LOT of projects.  Which in my head would take just a few hours, but in reality with builders pulling my house apart, heavy pregnancy with a then three year old to chase, the builders and pregnancy coinciding, then a newborn and the very full almost two years hence, they’re all still sitting there unfinished.  Unfinished and creating noise in my head.

On the finishing list are:

The striped scarf my now five year old, Ruben, requested a year ago – this one is really close now and I’ve just learnt on YouTube how to block it, to help with the edges curling. Spot the beginner knitter who didn’t know that stocking stitch did that.

The hot air balloon embroidery which I inexplicably began the day before giving birth to my littlest one, Noah, for his nursery. A week past my due date and driving myself half mad, I marched (somehow) down to my local art shop for the threads and with every stitch of each of the clouds I calmed a little more. And, of course, it was then shelved for eighteen months until I had my hands back.

The ‘china cupboard’ project – involving a beaten up cupboard that made friends look at me oddly, a dark corner that needed something, some chalk paint, lovely china, a husband who wasn’t at all into the idea but helped me anyway and also plates on the wall.

The homemade lamp – the base of which I made at my pottery class (oh I miss that class). Raku’d no less. Couldn’t find the right lampshade for and so allowed someone, possibly even a kit-selling website, to convince me that I could make my own.

The half sewn bunting – to join up with the hot air balloon in finishing off Noah’s room. He probably still won’t sleep in it but that’s a small detail.

The happy birthday garland – I no longer remember whose birthday and which year this was supposed to be ready for.  No matter, there are some coming up.

There are more. I could make it the year of finishing things. And maybe I will.  But for now on these wet and windy days I’ll settle for getting stuck into these few. I’m liking the idea that if they do get finished in time for Spring, I can start that lovely season of newness with a little more space and appetite for new things to do.

Nice.  Progress will be shared.



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