hello Spring


There are many things I love about Ruben’s kindergarten, but what’s always guaranteed to blow me away are the beautiful seasonal songs he comes home singing.  Each day for weeks now, after singing the Springtime ones to me, he’s asked ‘mummy, is it ACTUALLY spring now?’, such is the building anticipation.   And this morning I was finally able to say yes.  The calendar says that it is and the bulbs in the garden agree. 

My most favourite song that he’s been singing is this:

The Little Brown Bulb

The little brown bulb went to sleep in the ground,

In his little brown nightie, he slept very sound.

King Winter, he roared and he raged overhead,

But the little brown bulb didn’t move in his bed.

When Springtime came tip-toeing over the lea,

Finger to lips, as soft as can be,

The little brown bulb lifted his head,

Slipped off his nightie and JUMPED out of bed!

It’s compulsory to jump and clap as you say the last bit! 

 The child in me just loves this sweet image.  The grown-up in me is crazy for the beautiful metaphor.  It does feels so much like we slip something off and shed a skin when Spring arrives.  I’ve felt a little heavy and tired and a tad overwhelmed this past week.  Mostly my own doing.  Being too much of a hard task master to myself and a bit of a cold to boot.  So I’m all up for jumping out of bed now and joining in with the lightness of Spring. 

 (NB: I’ve searched and searched but cannot find a source for this poem/song.  If you know where it’s from, do let me know in the comments so I can reference it – thank you)


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