all the time

Where is all the time? I ask myself several times a day while juggling the needs of two little people and trying to stay on top of the house, on top of life. Where is all the time? I ask myself as I attempt to convince a two year old that we really do need to get dressed now or it’ll hardly be worth it. Where is all the time? I ask myself when I scan the brain-dump masquerading as a to-do list that looks like a mountain to climb and I’ve no strength left in my legs. When I spy a ‘quick and easy’ knitting project peeking out of the bag it lives in, winking at me. When I read a few pages of a new book and feel inspired to purge, strip back and organise my whole house, if only I had five minutes. When I have truly great ideas and no immediate hope of pursuing them (or remembering them?). When I have something to say but no hands free to type and by the evening when I do, no brain left and the words are gone. When I have a grand plan of how much I’ll get done once the boys are asleep and fall asleep just as they do.

Where IS all the time?

And then I look at the floor. At all the play that happened today. The pile of much loved stories balanced on the arm of the sofa. At the sand, the crayons, the paint or glue left out. The picnic bag that needs unpacking. The draining board piled high with the washed up pans from a nourishing cooked from scratch (while somebody shouted, no doubt) meal. The pictures taken on my phone (and the ones I take with my mind’s eye and store in my heart) of two happy souls adventuring outdoors. And I see it. There’s all the time.

These normal everydays with two little ones go by so fast. As much stuff gets done, as doesn’t. Plates are spun. Occasionally they drop. We pick them up and do our best to put them back together. And sometimes us mamas are a little hard on ourselves. Forgetting that we’re only human That we’re all of us dancing with time, always. And we must remember that we’re awesome, and we’re totally IN IT, fully occupying and living these days of ours and all the while we’re holding the hands of the beautiful souls dancing with us. And they dance all day long.


4 thoughts on “all the time

    1. Oh thanks Joy that’s lovely to hear! I’m a very new blogger. Trying to just write what I feel at the mo! Thanks for reading and making me smile with your comment 🙂


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