Oh the bluebells

                               My family hear me say every few months ‘oh isn’t this lovely, I think THIS is my favourite season’. Except for winter. I’m not so in love with winter. But every other season will hear me proclaiming those words and I say them often (lucky family!).

Last weekend when we walked into the bluebell woods and had our breath taken away I couldn’t even find the words to say out loud. But in my head they were going around ‘it’s Spring, definitely Spring, Spring is my favourite’. The colours were dancing in front of my eyes hours later and I still felt dreamily hypnotised by their beauty. 

I took so many pictures that I had to post them somewhere! Because, equally exciting, today is Blossom Day at the orchard where our cherry tree lives (more on that later) and I must clear some space on my phone to take a million blossom pictures. It’s compulsory I’m sure!

Dreamy bluebell-filled and blossomy Spring – you ARE my favourite, I love you so.  Just don’t tell mellow-smouldering-Autumn because I love her too. Or beachy big-sky Summer.  Let’s just frolic through woods and orchards while you’re here and I’ll give them all the love when their time comes!


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