the wonder

  Usually I just post this kind of picture on Instagram but I had a bit more to say about this particular one. 

The wonder of these children of ours floors me.  Often.  Doesn’t it you?  He found this leaf on the ground in the woods and wanted to know what it was from.  We looked all around and couldn’t find a tree with the same leaves.  Then we spied some on a small sapling sprouting out of the ground.  I’m getting better at being able to identify trees and plants (so important I’ve discovered with a nature loving five year old around!) but I had no idea about this one. 

‘Its ok,’ he said, ‘we can look it up in my tree book when we get home.’

Later at home we all got stuck into our jobs: our two year old slept, my husband and I continued the work of clearing his office space which was threatening to swallow him if we didn’t and the keeper of the new leaf went off to potter happily in his room.  

A while later he popped his head around the door: 

‘I found that tree Mummy,’ he said. 

I looked up surprised because he isn’t reading just yet.

‘In your book?’ I asked. 

‘No, it’s just there outside my window.’

To clarify, we live in town, a few miles from the wood he found it in.  I went to his window and sure enough, there it was.  The Rowan tree I’ve walked past every day for eight years, abundant in these exact same leaves. He’d sat, he’d gazed out in that dreamy way children of this age do and he’d seen.  He always sees. 

And my (slightly tired) adult brain had said in the woods ‘nope I’ve never seen that kind of leaf before’.  Oh to have a five year old’s eyes and experience of the world.  Wondrous!


2 thoughts on “the wonder

  1. I had a very similar experience when my son was around that age and very interested in trees. I realized that I’d never really seen trees, like really seen them. He’s seventeen now and moved on to other things, but I still see trees differently now. It’s a blessing to get to see the world through a child’s eyes.


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