Barn Owl Camp  

Somehow a weekend seems longer than two days when you go on an adventure. Friday afternoon to Sunday evening can whizz by in the blink of an eye, but while adventuring time luxuriously slows down. 

The course I’m doing re-started this weekend and fell on my birthday weekend, leaving me in a quandary. I find it hard enough to leave my boys for a weekend each month as it is. But on my birthday? I wasn’t sure they’d forgive me for that. Birthdays are big in our house.  So I did the only sensible thing and took everyone with me.

On Friday we picked our eldest up from school and drove through heavy and slightly maddening traffic to somewhere north of Swindon. It wasn’t a fun journey, I have to say, but it was worth it when we got there. 

We’d booked the Barn Owl Camp on Great Farm through Canopy and Stars (not sponsored). Two gypsy caravans and a camping pod set in it’s own little corner of a field that is attached to a nature reserve. It couldn’t have been more ideal for us. 

The boys had plenty of space to roam around with their Daddy while I spent a few hours at my course. There was campfire cooking, star-gazing and sitting out under the harvest moon.  They gathered me a hedgerow bouquet, had hidden presents in our holdall and packed a homemade brownie birthday cake. I got to listen to barn owls screeching in the early hours and wake up on my birthday morning in a beautiful gypsy caravan. Bliss!

I can’t say I’d ever consciously hankered after the gypsy caravan experience but my pulse quickened when I found it. The beauty of them has always stopped me in my tracks and as an alternative to a rather bog-standard b&b with zero outside space for the boys, I was sold.  

And once there I felt a real affinity to that beautiful wagon.  As I laid there in the dark I wondered who had travelled around in it for all the years that it was used as a home and what their lives had been like. Who else had woken up in there on their birthday morning in times gone by? I always find myself wondering when I’m in old places, like you can feel the footprints of who came before. It blew my mind to imagine. 

I’ve been hankering after having our own non-gypsy-style caravan for a few months. We long to live in the countryside but can’t make a move happen just yet. Town-living sometimes makes us feel a bit hemmed in (despite massive gratitude for the lovely home we have) so frequent little weekend trips in a caravan appeal hugely. A way to have that sense of space and gaze at acres of sky. This little two night trip might have just clinched it. Stand by caravan inspiration Pinterest board, I’m coming for you!  

We arrived home on Sunday evening in time for early nights all round, feeling peaceful, alive and ready for the week. It was a winner of a weekend, a last late Summer fling before the Autumn Equinox and a really lovely birthday.



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