A slow, foraged and wild Mother’s Day

We’re usually really good at planning special days but there’s such a lot of life happening at the moment that we arrived yesterday at Mother’s Day morning with not a clue what we’d do with it.

I secretly love a completely empty day in which to follow where the mood takes us. They always turn out to be the best of days.

However, whose crazy idea was it to put the clocks forward on Mother’s Day? And why did I not remember this was happening until late on Saturday evening while sat around a table with a cocktail in my hand on an extremely rare night out with my lovely mum friends? We congratulated ourselves smugly on accidentally coinciding our long-intended-but-almost-impossible-to-arrange night off with Mother’s Day weekend. Yay us! Celebrate the mothers! And then somebody mentioned the clocks. Wide eyes as the realisation of late bedtime plus losing an hour to BST-madness dawned.

So when I was asked next morning (after being jumped on and loved on and given the most beautiful hand-stitched and hand-crafted gifts by my little loves) how I wanted to spend the day, my first thought was: napping? Oh how they laughed. So I went for my forever back up: a walk in the wilds with our little adventurers, a flask of tea in my hand and the promise of cake at some point. Totally my kind of bliss.

Two highlights happened. We played (I laid down) on a fallen tree / crocodile / sea serpent / dragon for ages under a blissfully warm sun, soaking up all the vit D it could give us. We walked a familiar path back and remembered halfway along that it was rampant with wild garlic. And there it was, the very thing I wanted from the day but didn’t know it. Little hands gathering, happy chattering and the promise and the satisfaction of a delicious, part-foraged pesto for dinner.

Special days with elaborate plans can be so lovely, but it’s not always what we need and I’m happy to be able to show my little ones that we can find any number of simple ways to make our special people smile and know they’re loved. Our slow, joyful, wild day was just exactly right for this mama. And maybe we just started a new tradition. Mother’s Day foraging for the win!

Wild Garlic Pesto – a not very scientific recipe

A large wodge of wild garlic leaves – I’m going to guesstimate around 30-40 big leaves

100g Organic Medium or Mature Cheddar (grated)

85g Walnut pieces

Handful of fresh basil leaves

1/4 teaspoon Himalayan or sea salt

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Wash your wild garlic leaves well and allow to drain. Pop them in the food processor with a really good slug of the oil, the walnuts and the salt. Switch it on and add more oil periodically to loosen as it becomes a paste. When almost fully combined add the grated cheese and whizz again. Transfer to a clean jar and pour a layer of the oil on top to help it keep for longer.

Hardcore pesto makers might prefer the authentic mortar and pestle method, but I can definitely say I am not one of them. Give me ease and speed and delicious pesto on the table within 5 minutes. I’ll find other things to be a hardcore purist about.

As far as I can tell, there’s not much this pesto isn’t good for. The boys always opt for pesto pasta and roasted veggies or cheese and pesto panini. Yesterday we had a thrown together Buddha bowl of quinoa, roasted carrot, beetroot and sweet potato, avocado, garlicky black beans (from this page), salad leaves and the pesto. So good, quite addictive and deeply satisfying that we’d foraged (part of) our dinner.


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