gathering and tending (a work in progress)

Here we go, a few words about what I’m working on.  Grabbing them quickly and laying them down here before they whoosh off and desert me again!

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I’m at the very beginning of creating something that’s straight from my heart and something I feel the world needs more of and it feels really good.  It’s about women.  In this case specifically mothers – gathering together in wild, wholehearted support of one another, in all our sameness and differences.

A place and a time to sit in the feminine energy of a gathering of mums, feel a hint of the ‘village’ we’re all missing and take care of our own needs for a while.

Because they are many, these needs of ours.

Us mums, we do so much.  We hold so much.  We fill all the cups of the little and big people we love.  And we leave filling our own to the end of the day or week or month, when we maybe squeeze in a little bit of self-care, making only a small dent, but often it’s all we can manage.

While within us there lie parts of ourselves waiting for some tending.  Our bodies want to rest or stretch or move and our minds want to be opened; without too much effort on our part ideally, because we’re TIRED.  Our creativity wants a fling out in the open.  Our soul craves something, anything really, to nourish us.

In our busy, exhausting and, yes, joyful days it feels a tiny bit selfish to think of our own needs.  We’re told subliminally all the time that we’re supposed to be superwoman. And maybe we already are in some ways.

But I know this…

Tending our own needs has a further reach than we realise. Our families reap what we sow. When we go back to them, having felt seen and heard and understood and having played with some ways of unravelling our minds and our tired shoulders and our bunched up creative urges, they see a mum recharged with a lighter step and a twinkle in her eye. And they LOVE that.

I know, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  It’s hard to step away, to leave them in order to honour my self, but I see the lovely shift reflected in their eyes when I walk back through the door.  Mummy is back.  She’s the same but different.  And everything is good.

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I’m going to begin offering some workshops and retreats for mums over the coming months.  To start with they’ll be in Kent, but I’ll later think about travelling them around a bit.  I used to run some, pre-children, and applying the motherhood filter has taken them into a whole new realm.  In my bones, I know that we’ve never needed stuff like this more.  No mum should feel competed with, unsupported, lonely, hemmed in or dog tired all the time.  I’m hoping that through these ‘days off’ I’m going to offer, through some online stuff I hope to create and a lot of tribe-building social-media-ing we can bring something supportive and nourishing to mums who want and need it.  Because mums need nurturing too.

Join me on Instagram with  #nurturethemothers,  a fledgling hashtag project celebrating our moments of self care, and register your interest for retreats, workshops and other things in the works at


4 thoughts on “gathering and tending (a work in progress)

    1. Oh Tania, thank you! It feels like a really important thing and every mum I speak to tells me in some way that they need something. We work so hard! Joyous work though it is! And we need something just for us I think, to fill us back up. I’m so glad you relate to it and thank you for the well wishes x


  1. I love this so much. I’m also at the other end of the country but I will be supporting you in all the ways I can even if I can’t physically be there! Good luck vibes coming your way for your new venture, not that you’ll need it I’m sure! Xx

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