sunday (free-from) pancakes

This pic, straight from my insta, and the briefest, hastiest blog post before I forget the (surprisingly good) pancake recipe I made up this morning. I know they’re going to ask for them over and over so I can’t let this recipe go the way of so many forgotten inventions of days past!

Apple and Cinnamon, dairy-free, spelt and almond pancakes

180g spelt flour (I used the ‘white’ variety that isn’t really white but has less bits in)

70g ground almonds

2 tsp baking powder

Pinch of sea or Himalayan salt

2 large eggs

1 apple, grated

Sprinkle of cinnamon to your taste (as in, I’ve no idea how much we put in because I left it to my 4 year old!)

We measured the dry ingredients in a wide-mouthed batter jug, the wet ingredients in another. Combined the two and blitzed with a stick blender – easily done by hand but we were HUNGRY – stirred in the apple and cinnamon and then just put two tablespoons-ish at a time in the oiled pan, flipping them when the bubbles rose and popping them in a low oven to keep warm.

If you’re totally dairy-free, coconut oil is your best bet I’d imagine. We often use that. But we tolerate butter fine and my hand reached for that this morning. Either way, I think they’re a winner. 

Happy Sunday!


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